Together, let’s help prevent any increases in the already 10 million children who have been forced into the human trafficking industry.

Children who have lost all parental care face extraordinary challenges that put them at risk of being resourced for deplorable means, including enslavement in the human trafficking industry.

We have learned that parents can be the best source to lead children away from vulnerable circumstances where they are viewed as commodities and resourced by predators for profit.

HELP Together empower a parent, grandparent, or family member to be able to fulfill their own daily needs and those of their child(ren).

Restore Families

  • Entrepreneurial and Vocational Training Center: Providing training to develop technical and business skills.
  • Job and Entrepreneurial Center: Offering services for job placement, helping create sources of work, or assisting in establishing a business.
  • Micro-finance Institution: Supporting the development of new business ideas for products, technologies, or services through micro-credits.
  • Sustenance Support: Providing housing and food to allow caretakers and the children to progress from dependent individuals to productive individuals.
  • Health Program: Helping caretakers and children protect themselves from disease and providing medical and dental care as needed.