Together, let’s bring bright futures to the 1 billion people who are squatters, refugees, or live in temporary, inadequate shelter.

The daily struggle in search for the necessities of life makes a family living in poverty vulnerable, and when that vulnerability is within a community where there exist all forms of criminality, such as sex and drug trafficking, poverty can escalate to dangerous outcomes.

Help Together partner with communities to bring projects that strengthen their families, who will in turn provide the kind of parenting that protects their children.


  • Entrepreneurial and Vocational Training Centers that prepare parents to provide financial support for their family.
  • Job and Entrepreneurial Centers that offer services for job placement, help create sources of work, or assist in establishing businesses.
  • Micro-finance Institution that support the development of new business ideas for products, technologies, or services through micro-credits.
  • Resources to combat human trafficking.