Together, let’s reach out to the 153 million children who are orphaned worldwide.

The most harmful effects of poverty are faced by those at the bottom of the pile, the children who have been left behind to fend for themselves in the poorest of conditions. Homelessness has detrimental effects on children.

45 years ago, we responded to children without family care by connecting them with adoptive families and orphanages. Today, our strategy rests on the belief that family-like environments that help draw children back to their Creator bring about promising outcomes!

HELP us continue our support to our Field Partners who are bringing opportunities to children who are without parental support.

Restoring Children

  • Permanent Homes with 10 or less children and caregivers who offer family-based alternative care.
  • Sustenance Support that supplies the necessary nutrients for healthy growth, with special attention given in cases of malnutrition.
  • Educational Programs designed to establish responsibility and create structures that instill confidence and help children pursue their dreams. After primary and secondary education, when possible we assist in facilitating additional education.
  • Health Resources offering preventive health training that inspires healthy habits, hygiene and nutrition, as well as medical and dental care as needed.
  • Emotional and Spiritual Development where children realize their dreams are possible and where they are empowered to be leaders. We work to help each child love again.