Children are our future. They are treasures sent from above. How we steward them is our reward.   

Today, close to half of Africa’s inhabitants are children. Fueled by steady growth in births and declining mortality rates, by mid-century this continent’s population aged under 18 will rise to 50 %, topping 1 billion. As the 22nd century dawns, there will be more children in Africa than anywhere else in the world (One Billion Strong – UNICEF). Today more than ever, Together is actively scaling up the support we offer on behalf of future generation(s).

Together supports family-like environments in Africa who are on the frontline sharing love, dishing out food, and supplying the basic needs to children who have lost all family support. They are working everyday to restore the family opportunity where transformative change can happen. We call this the butterfly effect.

Ghana – Marfo’s Home for Children

This picture is an example of children in Ghana who are being raised in a beautiful family environment that is FULL of love and free of social stigma. Adwoa Marfo, the director of Marfo Children’s Care Foundation shares, “There are no banners or signs in front of my home advertising that I am offering an orphanage because it’s not. It’s a home. It’s a home of love. It’s a family. It’s the same family life that I offered to my biological children. They go to the same kind of schools, wear the same quality of clothing, and are served the same special meals.”  Learn more about how we empower children >

Join us in helping Adwoa abundantly provide for every need and more. Join our Campaign for Family that creates pathways for BRIGHT futures to happen.

Watch “Adwoa Marfo – Mother of 19 Children”

Uganda – Alistella’s Home for Children

In Uganda a wonderful example of compassion can be found in a children’s home that was started by Dr. Joseph Mukasa and his precious widowed mother, Alistella.  This mission of love began with Alistella bringing children to her home from the local garbage dump.  

Each child in this home is endowed with the loving care and nurturing that healthy family life offers. Education is a means to success, but it can be difficult for children in Uganda to access, so every child is given multiple opportunities for an education that prepares them with income-generating skills. The all-around goal of Alistella’s home is to give children the support they need to successfully transition into a healthy childhood which leads to becoming well-grounded adults. Learn more about how we empower children >

Help us provide the necessary financial resources to fulfill our commitment to the children under Alistella’s tender tutelage. Join our Campaign for Family that creates pathways for BRIGHT futures to happen.

Zimbabwe – Judith’s Homes for Children

In the center of Sub-Saharan Africa is Zimbabwe, one of the most resource-rich regions in the world.  However, it is still dealing with the difficult effect of 1 million Zimbabweans living with HIV/AIDS, 180,000 of whom are children. Additionally, 1.6 million children have lost the care of their parents. (UNICEF)

Judith Mukaro, a Zimbabwean, offers Together a wealth of understanding regarding abandonment and how to respond. She shares, “The idea of losing a parent is not new to me. I was born without the presence of my father, lost my mother when I was two and then my grandmother died. By the time I am seven I was left to live with my uncle where I was responsible to care for his sheep and cows.” 

Judith makes a difference in how children are cared for who have been abandoned. She leads in ways that help everyone look beyond the current status of children and guide them along pathways that can lead them to their unique purpose in life. Each and every child is given opportunities that prepare them for successful lives.  

Help us respond in an extraordinary way to the children’s homes in Zimbabwe. Additionally, help us provide the financial resources that enable Together to expand its impact on the communities where HIV/AIDS has created a need for resources to help restore communities, families and children .  Learn more about how we empower children >.

Join a Campaign for Family that creates pathways for BRIGHT futures to happen.