The peace of a nation is derived from the healthy status of their communities with families who lovingly care for their children.

Individual transformative change is the backbone of Together’s strategy. Through relationships that provide resources, we have seen families strengthened whereby becoming the stable foundations that allow communities to collectively support the success of their nation.

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Peace in a community is established within the structure of its family units.

Together has developed a strategy built around establishing relationships with community leaders and their families who struggle with the effects of poverty. Through these relationships, we have learned that poverty is not only an external issue, but one that stems from deep matters of the heart.

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The well-being of families is paramount to the success of their children.

Our mandate to respond to vulnerable children who were abandoned, naturally led to us enhancing our strategy by assisting parents who were struggling to stay together as a family. We started with food parcels, which expanded to us assisting in building schools for their children. We saw families fortified through this strategy that offered services and resources through relationships.

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Children are a nation’s treasure.

Together’s purpose began by reaching out to a child who had been abandoned. That one child led us to many children who were without family support. They all together brought about our first orphanage. We learned that children do best in family-like environments.

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